Classic Business
Building Software
for the Modern

Just like its namesake in Athens, Greece, Parthenon is a classic. Only this classic is vibrant and up-to-date and providing companies with the solid software foundation they need to grow and prosper in today’s marketplace.


Presenting the
Ultimate Building Block
for Business Success

While every business is different, when you drill down to their core requirements they are often basically the same …

Businesses need systems for users … for emailing … for payment handling … for PDF generation … and for other essential functions

Parthenon is a Symfony bundle that provides you with all the generic functionality that you need … while also allowing your developers to focus on building unique business functionality and Symfony applications for your business.

It’s the best of both worlds! You get the solid foundation you need to grow while also being able to keep operations as efficient and as profitable as possible through customization and specialization.

Don’t Waste Time
Building Generic Code!

Parthenon provides the generic functionality all companies need so you save time and money and your developers are able to focus on what really matters – your core business.

Parthenon also provides highly responsive professional support so your developers don’t have to spend days or weeks trying to correct an issue in the software library they are using.


Provide Your
Business With the
‘Pillars of Success’

With the original Parthenon was noted for its pillars, so is this powerful software library, which comes with its own unique “Pillars of Success.” To name just a few, you get:

  • Complete User System

  • Complete Back Office System

  • Support For MySQL and MongoDB

  • A/B Testing for functionality variants

  • Payments accepted via Stripe

  • Invoicing with multi-country VAT support

  • And much more

With Parthenon, your business is fully prepared to grow. You can onboard new developers much faster and they’ll be able to do much more to help your business succeed since they won’t be spending all their time building generic functionalities.
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Every Business Needs a
Foundation Upon Which
to Grow, Parthenon is
That Foundation

So many businesses today try to do everything themselves and end up wasting hours and hours of valuable work time building generic code.

These businesses often sputter and eventually stall.

Other companies rely on rigid and inflexible software libraries that restrict their growth and make everything much more difficult than it needs to be.

Open source libraries aren’t a good answer either. They often come with slow bug fixes that can take years to fix and service level agreements (SLA) for performance fixes that are often out of scope.

There are even horror stories where libraries suddenly change everything … and force businesses into massive changes they didn’t want or need to make … or cause the software they depend on to no longer be upgradeable.

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With Parthenon you don’t have to worry
about any of that.


With Parthenon, you get


A complete “plug-in” solution that is both easy to use and comprehensive so you get a faster time to market


Complete SLAs for documentation improvements – these are often neglected in open-source libraries … you get service you can count on (and grow a business on)!


Support for your questions along with examples to follow – most open source maintainers don’t have time to provide this important information!


A full three years’ of bug fixes for each release of Parthenon – so you don’t have to worry about being left to figure things out on your own if something goes wrong.


Ability to request certain features – this basically allows you to outsource generic coding work for free as part of your license!


Replaceable components – this makes scaling so much easier … your business can grow quickly without the uncertainty and confusion that can often accompany such growth


Ability to onboard new developers much faster and easier since you will have access to full documentation


Plus, you avoid having to deal with maintaining generic functionality and maintenance, which can be huge time wasters!


Take a Look at EVERYTHING


You get With Parthenon


Parthenon has a dynamic user system that accommodates all team sizes.

Common functionality and wrappers

Queues publisher, PDF generation, monolog handlers, and file uploading.


Your personal back office/admin system where you can always turn to for help.

A/B testing

Data analysis of how users react to different versions of the same application.

Rule engine

Easily add actions based on the data being saved and without the need to engage a developer.


Easy invoice creation, including the ability to add country-specific VATs.


Easily create multi-step forms—perfect for sign-up flows.

Infrastructure support

Everything you need to get your site up and running, including Ansible, Elasticsearch and more.

Payment flexibility

Integrates with Stripe.

Database support

MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB

Infrastructure support

Ansible, ELK, Supervisor

PDF generation

DocRaptor and WKHTMLTOPDF.


But Who is This
Library Really For?

Parthenon is perfect for entrepreneurs starting new companies as well as for companies that are having technical issues and need to re-platform.

Basically, anyone with a business that they want to see grow and prosper can benefit from this powerful Symfony bundle!

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So How Do I Get Parthenon?

Right now, this powerful software bundle is in pre-launch, which means we are currently making it available to a small, select group of customers.

If you are tired of the stress and frustrations that can come with open source and other libraries …

If you are tired of poor support and documentation that can turn little issues into big ones …

If you are fed up with your developers being so overwhelmed with creating generic code that they can’t create the custom code your business needs to grow …

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You may be able to get Parthenon during the pre-launch if you act fast!

Here’s the deal:

In order to prepare for our upcoming full launch, we are making a small number of copies of Parthenon available now at special pricing.

But you must act fast, once we hit our pre-launch limit we will halt sales immediately and you will have to wait for the full launch, which could occur in a few months.

We say “could” because we want to make sure everything is working smoothly and as it should be and that we are able to provide the high level, responsive support we feel our customers deserve.

For those reasons, we plan on an extensive test period. We understand that asking business owners to wait for this software could impact their profits and even put their businesses at risk …

That’s another reason why we created this pre-launch. Those who are serious about growing their business and succeeding in today’s marketplace can get Parthenon if they act now.

That’s another reason why we created this pre-launch. Those who are serious about growing their business and succeeding in today’s marketplace can get Parthenon if they act now.

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The First 5 to Order:
Pay Just £50 for a One-Year Contract!
The Next 15 to Order:
Pay Just £100 for a One-Year Contract!
The Next 100 to Order:
Pay Just £250 for a One-Year Contract!
Pay Just £1,000 for a One-Year Contract!

After that last tier is filled, we will halt sales immediately. When we launch Parthenon it will be available for &GBP;2,500 – a price we believe is a terrific bargain for everything that you receive …

Just imagine all the development time you’ll save! Think of the inefficiencies you’ll avoid! Parthenon could easily save you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year! So &GBP;2,500 is a “drop in the bucket …”

Still to be able to get this valuable software library now for just &GBP;50 … or &GBP;100 … or even &GBP;1,000 … is an incredible bargain!

So many businesses today try to do everything themselves and end up wasting hours and hours of valuable work time building generic code.

Don’t be one of them! Act now and save … before it is too late!


Still Here? Let Us Quickly
Mention One More Thing

If you have lasted until the very end of this page it has to be because this is an important subject to you.

Look, having been where you are now, we know it is very easy to develop a defeatist attitude where we believe we get what we deserve and that no matter how good something sounds it couldn’t possibly work for us.

This is not true, however.

You can give your business the solid foundation it needs to grow. Parthenon contains the “pillars of success” all businesses need. You’ll save time and money and lots of frustration.

All you need is Parthenon – this software bundle gives you exactly what you need to grow fast while staying organized and efficient.

So don’t talk yourself out of this valuable product. Try it now and experience the difference. Business growth doesn’t have to be a struggle. It doesn’t have to be full of stress. You really can easily build web applications in PHP using the Symfony Framework thanks to Parthenon.

Just click below to place your order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can any company use Parthenon?

A: Absolutely! Parthenon delivers the generic functionality all businesses need to grow and prosper.

Q: What if I outgrow Parthenon?

A: That’s a great thing! It means your business is truly prospering. Parthenon was created to promote growth. We realize at some point your business will reach a point where you need to move on and that’s why we have made Parthenon so easy to replace. This program doesn’t just foster growth it makes it easy for you to move on from it without having to endure the expense of hiring developers to complete a bunch of technical tasks. Parthenon makes growth easy to the very end!

Q: Will I need to buy additional software?

A: All business have different needs … but we created this bundle to be a “plug-in,” “all-in-one solution.” This system was designed to include everything you need. Just take advantage of the tools and information and put your business on the fast track to growth.

Q: How does Parthenon help my developers?

A: It frees them from creating generic code that all businesses need. Parthenon provides the functionalities so developers can focus on creating customized code that helps a business do business better and more uniquely.

Q: What generic functionality does Parthenon provide?

A: You get, among other things, a complete user system; a complete back office system; support for MySQL and MongoDB; A/B testing for functionality variants; payments accepted via Stripe; invoicing with multi-country VAT support; and much more.

Q: Can I count on receiving support or am I own my own with Parthenon?

A: We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading support. You won’t be left alone once you buy Parthenon. We will be available to help you get the very best from this bundle. We understand the generic functionality businesses need today and are dedicated to delivering a product that meets your needs. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we will do whatever we can to ensure you are satisfied with your software. support; and much more.

Grow your business with a tremendous
with simple coding knowledge

Onboard your developers quicker and say goodbye to writing generic functionality yourself.