How we think GDPR will going to change the tech landscape

Iain Cambridge on August 26, 2021

GDPR is a massive topic in the tech community with lots of work being required as well as limitations on what you can do to be compliant with it. We […]

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How to review your MVP project as a non-technical founder

Iain Cambridge on August 8, 2021

As a non-technical founder, you can be worried when you’re having a project built but do not know if it’s good or not. We want to help non-technical founders better […]

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Why we choose commercial licensing over FOSS

Iain Cambridge on July 25, 2021

In software development, free open-source software (FOSS) has always been important and without FOSS, IT would not be the same as it is today. It is hard to think of […]

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Feature: Our Symfony Admin system, Athena

Iain Cambridge on July 11, 2021

Every company needs a way to manage its application and deal with issues such as customers locked out of their account or having problems using the application, and staff maintaining […]

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Introducing Parthenon

Iain Cambridge on June 19, 2021

What is Parthenon Parthenon is a Symfony bundle to allow companies to focus on their core business and have the generic business logic handled for them. After over a decade […]

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