Feature: Our Symfony Admin system, Athena

Iain Cambridge on July 11, 2021

Every company needs a way to manage its application and deal with issues such as customers locked out of their account or having problems using the application, and staff maintaining the data required for the application. All these things need to be done by the staff using software to run their business. This is why we built our Symfony Admin system, Athena, a place where you can control what is happening with your business.

Spend minutes and not days adding sections to your back office

Athena makes it extremely easy to add new sections. This allows your developers to work on crucial business logic to improve your product instead of being bogged down with the basics of building yet another Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) system that has been built time and time again.

With the creation of a single PHP class file, you can add an entirely new section to your Athena. Each section will allow customisation of the functions for that section. Decide if something can be editable, for example, on a case-by-case basis.

Use any database and have unlimited options

Athena has been designed for you to use any database on a case-by-case basis. You can use one database for one purpose and another for a different part of your system; Athena can manage it. You can even use micro-services. The possibilities for fetching data are almost limitless. Unlike other Symfony Admin tools, Athena gives you the flexibility to grow without worrying about having to build a new back office to allow you to manage data in a new system.

Adding entirely custom functionality is simple

Like all other Symfony Admin systems, Athena allows you to add entirely custom functionality beyond just the common CRUD functionality. If you need complex custom features unique to your business, you can add it to Athena with just a few lines of code and enjoy all the benefits of your new functionality. Athena ensures that your staff can manage your software in a single place and avoid administering your application in multiple locations.

Try out the demo!

You can see our Symfony Admin system, Athena in action at our demo Log in as the employee and then go to the back office. You’ll be able to try out Athena as it would exist for an influencer marketing agency.

Or if you’re more technical you can check out our documentation at


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