Release plan

One of the aims of Parthenon is to provide a solid, relaible, and predictable release plan that explains not just when new versions will be released but also how long they'll be maintained for.

We'll be releasing a new major version every 3 months. A major version will include major features that are shown on the roadmap. Each version of Funded Edition will be supported for 2 years. And each Bootstrap Edition will be maintained for 4 months.

We'll also be releasing minor versions. These are versions that include minor features and bug fixes. The Funded Edition of Parthenon will received weekly updates. And the Bootstrap Edition will receive monthly updates.

Maintained means that it will still keep getting bug fixes. But new features will be added to the current version.

Versions 2021 2022 2023 2024
1.0 BE
1.0 FE
1.1 BE
1.1 FE
1.2 BE
1.2 FE
1.3 BE
1.3 FE
1.4 BE
1.4 FE