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The Symfony SaaS starter kit that provides you a quick easy option for Payments, Teams, Users, etc.

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Accept Payments Easily

Using our Stripe integration you'll be accepting payments within minutes of getting started.

Company Accounts Will Be Easy To Create

Using our Teams system you'll be able to allow users to invite people to their team and share resources out of the box.


Maximum Your Profits With Plans

The ability to limit users and teams resources based on their subscription comes out of the box with an easy to use Plans system that just needs configuring.

Cut Your Tme To Market

Parthenon provides everything you need to be able to rapidly build your SaaS. Docker, ansible, database migrations, etc.


The Parthenon Provides


Allow your customers to manage teams and invite other members.

Common Functionality and Wrappers

Includes Queues publisher, PDF generation, monolog handlers, file uploading.


This personal back office/admin system keeps your business organized and operating optimally.

A/B testing

Get fast, accurate data analysis of how users react to different versions of the same application.

Rule Engine

Easily add customized actions based on data – and you don’t have to engage a developer to do it.


Enjoy easy invoice creation, including the ability to add country-specific VATs.


Easily create multi-step forms – this is ideal for lead generation sign-up flows.

Infrastructure Support

Get everything you need to get your site up and running, including Ansible, Elasticsearch and more.

Payment Flexibility

Integrates with Stripe so you can easily – and securely – accept multiple forms of payment.

Database Support

Includes: MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

First Class Support

Build your company with less worries knowing that you'll always be able to rely on support.

PDF Generation

Includes: DocRaptor, mpdf, and WKHTMLTOPDF.

Bootstrap Edition

a Installable Via Packagist aBest efforts for bug fixes
aNew Maintenance Release 28 days aBest efforts for documentation improvements
aNew Major Releases every 3 months. aBest efforts for performance issues
aMajor Release maintained for 4 months. aCommunity Support for questions
a30-day refund policy aCancel at any time

a £20

a £150

Funded Edition

aInstallable Via Packagist aGuarantees for bug fixes
aNew Maintenance Release every 7 days aGuarantees for documentation improvements
aNew Major Releases every 3 months. aGuarantees for performance issues
aMajor Release maintained for 2 years. aPersonalised support for questions